When to charge lithium battery

When to charge lithium battery

In 1817, Swedish chemist Johan August Arfvedson discovered that petalite contained a previously unknown element. He wasn't able to isolate the metal entirely, but did isolate one of its salts. The name, lithium, is from "lithos," the Greek for "stone."

Current cycling demonstrates minimal linear fade reaching over 2500 full 100% charge and discharge cycles to 80% rated capacity.

Eligibility: this case is open to anyone in the United States who bought products with lithium-ion batteries, such as laptop PCs, mobile phones, camcorders, and cordless power tools, between January 1, 2000 and May 31, 2011. No proof of purchase is required. Tell your friends! … See More

We talked to Simon Moores, Managing Director at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence , who explained that Tesla isn’t alone or unique in its ambitions to build lithium-ion batteries at scale:

When to charge lithium batteryWhen to charge lithium battery

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