Graphite electrodes for lithium ion batteries

Graphite electrodes for lithium ion batteries

Our machining facilities and expertise allow us to offer our customers electrode machining to meet their specific demands. Whether an exact tolerance or an over size socket and connector system is needed, we can meet the demand.

Because we are employee owned and our wide range of products and processing capabilities are provided by a team that is invested in your success.

At Ray Group, our engineers have been in these industries since 1990. It is combining research, development, production and sales. Backed with expertise garnered from their days at major chemical research institutes, they can offer you the technical understanding you need to get your projects done right. We specialize in following series products:

The standard BASi® working electrode for voltammetry is a disk with a diameter of - 3 mm. Decreasing the size of the electrode to micron dimensions ( microelectrodes ) decreases the iR drop at the electrode, decreases the electrode capacitance (which allows a faster scan rate to be used for cyclic voltammetry), and changes the diffusion to the electrode surface from linear to radial.

Graphite electrodes for lithium ion batteriesGraphite electrodes for lithium ion batteries

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