Salary for pharmacy technician

Salary for pharmacy technician

The salary for pharmacists varies based on experience and location, but the minimum startup salary for a pharmacist who has just finished his/her training is generally about Rs. 25,000 according to one source, Medspan International Pharmacist Training. An average annual salary falls somewhere between Rs. 71,422 and Rs. 4,93,286, according to .

Government hospital salaries start at Rs. 5000; medical representatives about Rs 5000 – Rs. 10000, not to mention incentives; lab researchers may command between Rs. 15000 – Rs. 40000 a month. Manufacturing units are paid in handsome figures.

These work in high street, supermarket and rural pharmacies. They ensure that medicines ordered on prescription or bought over the counter are correctly and safely supplied. People skills are important as you build relationships with patients. As well as giving out prescriptions, you advise people on how to use medicines in safe and appropriate ways. Also involves financial management and responsibility for staff, premises and stock.
Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain /acareerinpharmacy

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Salary for pharmacy technicianSalary for pharmacy technician

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