Charging current lithium ion battery

Charging current lithium ion battery

1a Li-ion lithium battery charging module charging board charger TP 4056 in the product image there are 2 similar items joint together, there will be only one item sold in this listing. Power: medium power brand name: Tp4056 usage: zenger diode structure: PNP special function: common point contact diode frequency: high frequency Type: power module construction: planar Type material: silicon install style: SMD function: power triode.

Type into the calculator your rechargeable battery’s capacity number, normally can be red on the battery body . 1700 mAh ( milli-ampere-hours ). Then select the battery type/size in the left column ( NiMH – NiCd – AAA – AA – C – D – 9V ( 9 volt )) and in the right side select a current output ( electric power output ) of your charger in mA ( milli-amperes ).

Disposable primary lithium batteries must be distinguished from secondary lithium-ion , lithium iron phosphate and lithium-polymer , [1] which are rechargeable batteries. Lithium is especially useful, because its ions can be arranged to move between the anode and the cathode , using an intercalated lithium compound as the cathode material but without using lithium metal as the anode material. Pure lithium will instantly react with water, or even moisture in the air; the lithium in lithium ion batteries is in a less reactive compound.

Charging current lithium ion batteryCharging current lithium ion battery

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