Lithium polymer battery power banks

Lithium polymer battery power banks

Internal or external short circuit, environment excessive heating, deep discharging and overcharging are the most common cause the temperature rising over the thermal runaway border and makes a safety problem. In modern technology, most lithium ion/lithium polymer cells can pass all of the Lithium ion safety codes except short circuits. Of course for small, low power cell, some companies introduce PTC, Pressure Release Disks, etc. in their lithium ion cells internally to manage external short circuits. However, this solution can only be used in low current rate cells, or the user may accept lots of energy losses in the cell.

Lithium Iron Disulfide (Li-FeS2) battery is the latest developed battery series. It is of operating voltage, high energy, and light weight, good performance at high temperature or low temperature condition. FR6-shrink Lithium Iron [...]

All-Battery carries a li-polymer battery for virtually any application. With varying amperages, shapes, and sizes, you are sure to find a lithium-polymer battery for whatever device you need. Shop our huge selection today and power up your device with lithium polymer energy!

If you buy less than a full reel, you'll get a single strip, but it will be a cut piece from a reel which may or may not have a connector on it. If the piece comes from the end of the reel, the connector may be on the output end of the strip!

Lithium polymer battery power banksLithium polymer battery power banks

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