The polyphonic spree lithium 320

The polyphonic spree lithium 320

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?: Tupac Shakur. He accomplished so much as an artist all by the age of 25.

With more than 400 shows in the Austin City Limits archives, many of the artist performances are one-of-a kind, featuring rare television appearances from some of the world's best artists. In addition to the release of DVDs, separate live, audio-only CDs of the artists' performances are also available for most of the concerts. With over 50 critically acclaimed titles and multiple Gold and Platinum-certified releases, the Live From Austin, TX DVD and CD series continues to grow as one of the best music series in the world.

The Beginning Stages of ... is the debut album from The Polyphonic Spree . The US re-release version of the album has both the original CD plus a bonus CD that features ...

Brian, a longtime This American Life producer, started reporting this story more than three years ago, when he got an email from John with the subject line “John B McLemore lives in Shittown Alabama.” 

The polyphonic spree lithium 320The polyphonic spree lithium 320

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